NBA 2K21 – Meanest Basketball Players for ‘Inside Scoring’ (Part 1)

NBA 2K21 – Meanest Basketball Players for ‘Inside Scoring’ (Part 1)

When it comes to NBA 2K21, immaculate split-second decisions and impressive skill stats add up to ensure your imminent win throughout a competitive basketball online match-up.

Needless to say, having the best players for the right job plays an important role towards you achieving those valuable in-game rewards and MyTeam coins (if you are an avid MyTeam player).

So who are the best players in NBA 2K21 whom you can rely on to put in those vital dunks for your team in the game?

Here are the top-rated basketball players that you can find in NBA 2K21 according to their respective Inside Scoring stats:



LeBrom James (Los Angeles Lakers): OVR 97

– Popular American basketball player, LeBron James is a beast in NBA 2K21. One of his best notable attributes is his impressive Layup stat, which combines well with his overall offensive basket plays.

  • Layup: 98


DeAndre Jordan (Brooklyn Nets): OVR 79

– Standing at 2.11 metres tall, DeAndre Jordan is one basketball player who certainly doesn’t need to do much in order to put in those standing dunks. As such, he is currently known as the best player in the category respectively.

  • Standing Dunk: 97


Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans): OVR 90

– At just 20 years old, Zion Williamson has had the world at his feet following his tremendous NBA exploits in real life. In NBA 2K21, his Driving Dunk stat is thus far the best in the game, ensuring you have the most possible chances to score through those running dunks effortlessly.

  • Driving Dunk: 97


Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets): OVR 96

– The Serbian basketball player is capable of producing amazing hook shots besides others in the game. With the highest Post Hook rating in the game, scoring those sweet-styled medium shots would be easy game for you.

  • Post Hook: 97

These awesome players would certainly cost you plenty of MyTeam coins for you to recruit them into your current MT roster.

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