More than Texas Hold'em: other poker variants to try

More than Texas Hold’em: other poker variants to try

It might be the most popular version of poker played worldwide, but that does not mean it is the only version of poker you should try for yourself.

Texas Hold’em originated, as you would expect, in the southern US state of Texas, where it was said to have begun in a place called Robstown. It was preferred by the people playing there as it was intended to introduce more of a feeling of strategic play and enjoyment rather than their previous rules, which placed more reliance on luck.

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Two popular variations that do not come from Texas but are not so far away. This time we head to the state of Nebraska, where we find the city of Omaha further north in the US. In this region, they developed their own style and format with two popular poker versions known as Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi-Lo.

The Hi version refers to winning the whole pot when you turn over the cards if you have the highest hand. Here, each player is dealt four cards at the beginning.They can only use two in the final hand of five cards, while out of the five cards dealt on the table, each player can only factor three of these into the hand that they claim to try and win the pot. This variation is considered the most popular after the one from Texas, and this is understandable given that the chances of coming out with a strong hand at the end are much higher.

The difference with Omaha Hi-Lo is that the player with the worst hand splits the pot with that of the person who has the highest, to add another level of intrigue.

Before the Texas game usurped all the others around the world, a game called 7-card stud was the most dominant. It does not deal cards onto the table as with these other games but instead leaves some cards face down right until the end and puts all the others into the hands of each of the players. The decline in its popularity is partly down to the lack of community gaming it provides.

There are many ways to find tips for each of these games online. The fact is that with so many games made before the internet was created to share them all, there will be a lot of variations, especially in the US.This is just a snapshot of some of the variants for you to try if you wish. As always, the best way to learn about them is tojust go ahead and play each type.