Apple Stock Price and its statement

Apple Stock Price and its statement

Apple inc. is one of the world-famous class companies and its products are well known for their quality. Their products are Electronic computers and their hardware. They made their stock exchange through NASDAQ. The symbol is NASDAQ AAPL at It is founded in 1976. Its current ratio is 1.36 and its quick ratio is 1.33. Its annual sales are 274.52$ billion. Its book value and cash flow are 3.84$ per share. Its net income is 57.41$billion. Net margin ranges to 20.91%. return on equity and assets are 75.15% and 17.63%. Its market cap value is 2.03$ trillion has an outstanding share of 16,788,096,000.

Price Target and its prediction

The apple company’s average target for a year is 134.31$. There is a prediction of 10.81% of the stock is available. Its high price target is 175.00$ and low price target is 60.00$. It has a stock buy rating of 27 and holds ratings of 10 and a current sell rating of 2; it results in a consensus rating called “BUY”. Its rating score is 2.64 for the past 30days. Before 90 days it is 2.53 and before 180 days it is 2.50. The consensus price target is 134.31$. The price target is going upside in 10.81%.

Previously the dividend is done on 5th February 2021. Its yield is 0.68% and its P/E ratio is 32.83. Its annual dividend is 0.82$.


Its revenue per share is 17.13. Total revenue is 294.14B. Quarterly growth is 21.40%. Gross profit is 104.96 B.

Apple’s Statement

Many of the analyst and ratings shows the chart of the stock level and its price at a good point of view. There is no lack in it. The investors can directly involve in the share market particularly with Apple Company. They are producing more number of products and there prevails a demand for apple products always. The rating, stock value, and price are in upward progress and the team of apple company works a lot to maintain their state of stock value. In the forthcoming months and years, there will be a considerable improvement in the share of Apple. The investors rely fully upon the apple stock and they gain profit from it. Almost all the investors are happy in gaining a profit from their shares. Even the brokers of stock also happy because they can easily engage a person for investment. There is open transparency in buying and selling the shares of Apple. Apple and its team putting much effort into equipping their company to maintain the top position. As the product is good and worthy then the value and price are always high. Invest in Apple share the people will be benefitted up to their continuation of shares.

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